Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Registrations for 2024 are open   

Welcome to the registration portal. Every player and official will need to register here before playing any game for the club. The fees payable using this portal include your Hockey AustraliaHockeyNSW, and Sydney East Hockey Association fees; and for Juniors, the Bansktown Sports Hockey Club Fees (found below). 
Seniors will be invoiced for the Bansktown Sports Hockey Club component of their fees as the season starts.  

How to Register

If you were registered in the last 4 years (with either Bankstown or another club), you should choose the "Returning Member" option.
If you have not played hockey before, or were not registered (anywhere) during the last 4 seasons, you should use the "New Member" option below.

For Juniors - Anyone under 18 years of age.  Registration is calculated on your age, not what team you may be playing in.  There are different rates for U8's, U11's and U13's-U18's. Please select your registration options carefully as there is no facility for refunds if you select the wrong option. As mentioned above, you will also be charged for the Bankstown Sports Hockey Club portion of your fees when registering. As we are a registered Active Kids provider, you can use the NSW Government's Active Kids voucher to cover someof the fees. Please enter the voucher number in the box provided just after selecting the registration type.

For Seniors - As mentioned above, you will only pay the compulsory Hockey AustraliaHockeyNSW, and Sydney East Hockey Association fees at the time of Registration. As the season starts, the Treasurer will then invoice you for the relevant Bankstown Sports Hockey Club component of your fees.  

Bankstown Sports Hockey Club 2024 Fees:

Juniors - U9's-18's - $50. These fees are for juniors playing only in a junior competition. This fee, as mentioned above, will be charged at the time of registration.
Juniors who also play in a Senior competition will be liable for an extra fee, and will be invoiced for that portion at the same time as the Seniors. 

Seniors - Senior Men's and Women's fee are - $440. This includes a $50 fee for a new jersey. Players who return their jersey in a well-maintained condition will be eligible for a $50 refund at the end of the season.
Goalies (with your own kit) may also be eligible for a discount (please advise us if this relates to your situation).

Please Note: All fees paid via this portal will incur a processing and transaction fee from the provider.

Feel free to contact the secretary if you have any questions or concerns.


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